Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Beginning of the End of the Clerical Rule in Iran

 As received from my contact Sara P. from Tehran. Sara is an active board member of the Irak Student Committee.
Supporters of PMOI Executed

Desperate in confronting PMOI the religious fascism ruling Iran hangs two more supporters of PMOI
Tehran- Jan. 24, 2011
To revenge the continuous global success of PMOI, the clerical dictatorship who sees its life at jeopardy hanged two more of supporters of this organization on Monday morning Jan. 24, 2011.
Jafar Kazemi and Mohammad Ali Haj Aghaee two supporters of PMOI who had gone under sham execution last week were executed at dawn today.
IRNA state-run news agency announcing the report said: “Two member of Monafeghin grouplet are hanged”
The agency wrote: “these two Monafeghs (the name regime calls PMOI members) were an active network of this grouplet (regime of Iran call PMOI as small group, to cover the truth about them) who participated in the riots being conducted by the grouplet’s communication center in England.
The two distributed pictures and placards related to Monafeghin, took films and clips of clashes and chanted slogans on behalf of the Monafeghin.
Haj Aghaee confessed that he had travelled to Monafeghin’s base in Iraq known as Ashraf (The place of residence of members of PMOI)... he was also arrested on 1983 for financially helping the grouplet and distributing their newspaper. He intended to stay at the base but because of his age he wasn’t accepted.
Jafar Kazemi had connections with the head of Monafeghin network inside the country and has collected money for them and propagated on their behalf. He also has taken his son to Iraq. Kazemi has also accepted that he has posted photos in support of them, has taped clips and taken pictures from gatherings in Enghelab and Azadi Squares along with one of his accomplices and has interviewed families of some who have been deceived by Monafeghin and are now in Camp Ashraf”.
It is to be mentioned that Ali Saremi, 62 years old another supporter of PMOI who had spent 23 years at prisons of Shah and clerical dictatorship as political prisoner was hanged on Dec. 28, 2010.

ISC calls on all human rights organizations, UN Secretary General and UN Security Council and all freedom loving governments in the world to act against these executions in particular, and human rights violation in Iran.
Don’t let the massacre of political prisoner in 1988 (30.000 of them) be repeated.

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