Wednesday, January 26, 2011

2 more PMOI members hanged in Iran

2 more in a row of Sara's PMOI colleagues have been hanged these days. Sara sent me the memo below with some Photos. The international politics are concentrating on neuclear negociations with the religious regime of Iran, while 67 more Iranians are waiting on death row. They will probably hang within the next month.

Hi Pol, the clerical fascist dictatorship who sees its life at jeopardy hanged two more of supporters of this organization on Monday morning Jan. 24, 2011. Jafar Kazemi and Mohammad Ali Haj Aghaee two supporters of PMOI who had gone under sham execution last week were executed at dawn today.

After the bi-partisan conference in Washington pushing for the delisting of PMOI the religious fascism seeing the end of its rule being so close, is hanging to every kind of criminal and anti-human act especially in regard with the supporters of PMOI (People Mojaheddin of Iran). Regime of Iran can not bear the victory of PMOI in this battle.
At dawn of Monday Jan.24, 2011, mullahs' regime hanged Jafar Kazemi and Mohammad Ali Aghaee two supporters of PMOI.

There are still many others in death row.

ISC calls on all human rights organizations, Secretary General of UN and UN Security Council to act immediately to put a halt to these executions.

It is to be mentioned that in only 30 days this shaky regime seeing the end of itself has executed 97 prisoners (beside these two) to hush the society in fear.

Please read the full news attached, No. 765


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