Friday, April 9, 2010

My first bowl @ La Soupe

I had my first bowl of soupe today at La Soupe, right across from Restaurant Speltz in the City Centre! The setting (no plate to indicate the toilet door) and the speed of service are still proof that the routine level is only 1 good week old. But trust me: it's quite obvious that this small team is extremely serviceable. Sofar Quality of the product comes first, friendliness aswell. And speed? well Macsomething is a bit further up in the street!
La Soupe is already very successfull with the local crowd that's looking for great quality and everybody agrees: this is the opposite of anything canned!!. The choice of soups shows high creativity, taste and even pleasure to the eye!  To my own pleasure even classics (today a fresh mushroom soup with a fancy name) are not let aside.
The high quality is largely based on the fact that most of the soup-making job is done on the spot. There's allways a wooden spoon swirling somewhere.
And yes I saw Claude Neu's less positive experience  on Facebook, on the first or second day of opening with one of the guys behind the counter, but who's better positioned than Claude to give it a second chance. The place is a slow-food place, and that's great for many of us!!   And the cook has proven for years how well he can do within a kitchen. Now you want him in addition to show the permanent smile of a barista! Give him a chance aswell!

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