Friday, February 12, 2010

Not aliens, but CIA, MI5 and Goddy knows who visited my blog!

I just made an interesting discovery on my blog statistics : around Jan 20th, there was aan absolute peak of visitors with well over 250 page views!!

This led me to find out what my subject had been on that date:
In fact I had  put on a satyr on " terrorists going on strike". It was for me a way of having some fun with a subject and playing around extensively with words such as bombs, blasts, terror and stuff of that kind.
The regular visitors to my blog -- hello to you few all !!    -- did look me up, but frankly there were well over 100 new visitors !!!
They must have been attracted by all those keywords that their machines and googles locate all over the net: bombs, bomb, blast, shoot, kill, terror, rockets, terrorist!!!  Enjoy?

So I'll check on Monday to see if my statistics are again sky-high.
If this post has again attracted all the secret services of the world!

Frankly it would be fun to play with those spy-guys from CIA, Swift and what have you!!!. Especially since my real terrorist friends tell me that the use terms like:  water, bible, soft-drink, flower, Jesus and the like when they talk about bombs, blast, shoot, kill, terror, rockets, terrorist    (hehe: I did it again!   Having fun ??)


De Luussert Ennerwee said...

Salut know what happened there, right? You probably had one or two machines pick it up, just like you said...but 200 or whatever? I don't think so. After the machines put your blog in a few analyst query queues, the analysts started sharing with their colleagues, because they thought the blog was funny....which it was. So then everyone started coming around to take a look. I don't know if your analytics allow you time analysis, but I bet you'd find the first few few hits let's say at around 3 pm Lux time (i.e. 8AM Wash DC time), then a surge up to 8pm Lux time (lunch in DC), followed by a gentle decline (after all, they do have to get some work done)....just 2 cents :-)

Pol Wirtz said...

I appreciate your more professional view dear Lussert. But I'm sure that you'll accept that my view on things is more productive at a time when I want to do some virtual marketing to really get my blog running in Little Luxi!!

But thanks for putting my nose down on the thruth! You know better!